“Daddy why are You trying to Destroy our future because of money” – Actress Monalisa Stephen reacts to N@ked video of Olaiya Igwe for Tinubu

Nollywood actress, Monalisa Stephen has reacted to the unclad video of actor, Olaiya Igwe, praizemedia report.

Pm reported hours ago that the actor had taken his support for the presidential aspirant to the extreme as he bared his b*tt to the internet.

Taking to his comment section, Monalisa questioned his reasons for the disturbing video.

She further questioned how he would defend himself and his actions to God.

Monalisa caution him, not to destroy the future of Nigeria because of his personal gains.


She wrote ; “Daddy why? Don’t let us destroy our future because of what we will eat. Here you go. Think about the day you will die. What will you tell God that you died? Yoruba is like Roooonuuuuuu. This is so sad. Thus is your horse haaa daddy why?

Taking to her Instagram story, Monalisa noted how Nigerians don’t take mental health issues seriously.

We don’t take mental health issues serious in this country and it’s bad. Very bad”.

Singer, Bigiano also added his two cents to the video.

Are you serious? What’s the title of this movie?”.


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