“Are those brá still my size”– Bobrisky ask fans

Controversial cross-dresser, bobrisky, has gone the extra mile to prove to his fans that he is a girl as he experienced the unimaginable, Praizemedia report.

Recall that Bobrisky said he will do anything to convince Nigerians that he is a girl.


Taking to his Instagram page, the crossdresser revealed to his fans that he noticed whenever he wears a brasier (meant for a woman to support the breasts), it leaves him with red lines on his shoulder.

Bobrisky further asked his female fans if the bras.0siers ain’t his size because of the side effects he has been experiencing.

He wrote: Ladies get in here… I noticed whenever i wear my bra and it’s time to take it out yeah.. it leave a red line on my shoulder and my under breast too. Do you think they aren’t my size anymore?

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