[VIDEO] He just dey enjoy, reactions as Hushpuppi’s friend shares video of him from US Prison

Ramoni ‘Hushpuppi’ Abass is currently trending on social media after a video of him chatting with his friend from a US jail was shared online, Praizemedia report.

In the video, Hushpuppi was still jovial as he discussed about putting on a good look so he doesn’t “piss off the judge” who was going to preside on his court date.


He tried to make jokes with his friend about his welfare over there and he seemingly showed that he is still full of life.

Hushpuppi who was arrested in Dubai in 2020, has been jailed for more than 11 years in the US for his role in an international fraud syndicate.

Ramon was also ordered to pay $1,732,841 (£1,516,182) in restitution to two victims.

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