“Sandra Iheuwa lambasts Uche Maduagwu for making sweet move on her in DM”

Notable businesswoman, Sandra Iheuwa, ridicules the controversial Nollywood actor, Uche Maduagwe, for making a sweet move on her in the DM despite bashing her publicly, Praizemedia report.

The mother of four who recently affirmed that love does not exist anymore but in the United State lashed out following a text from Uche.


Uche maduagwu

Uche Maduagwu had reached out in May via Direct Message, DM, to the businesswoman with the text, “Hi pretty,” with the hope of having a conversation.

Sharing the snapshot on her Instagram Story, Sandra Iheuwa wrote, “I will sweep the whole of Lagos rather than answer your nonsense message.”

“Look at this mugu o typing nonsense about me on blogs but was in my dm trying to get my attention. mumu odey. He even said ‘ok’ when I didn’t reply his dm o …. nonsense f00l Psycho,” she added.

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