“You have been paid” Netizens Condemn Kemi Olunloyo as she claims late Bimbo Martins and IVD were NEVER married, and She’s a Drug Addict

Nigerians have taken to social media to berate Kemu Olunloyo, after she claimed late Bimbo Martins and IVD were never married legally or in a Church, Praizemedia report.

Kemi Olunloyo shared a photo of the couple and wrote, “#BREAKING Late Abimbola Martins and Darrius Ogbonna were NEVER legally married in a court or church wedding. They only had an introduction. Most people around them had no idea that they were only cohabiting and had 5 children in the process.”


Reacting to her story, Nigerians took to the comment section to rebuke Kemi Olunloyo and accuse her of being paid to do a damage control for IVD.

One Obiageli_viirtue commented, “If truly as you claim that you are doing this for investigative purposes why sell things that only tarnish the image of the deceased thereby making the man look innocent and faultless. As far as I’m concerned you are paid for this and this goes along way to show the kind of woman you are..”

One Olayemii wrote, “Aunty Kemi with 5kids they don’t need court “eni ti o ba bi omo Kan, talk less of 5 fun eyan ti Kuro ni ale eni’. It is well.”

Another user commented, “Now I don’t blame her 😳 reasons she can’t leave with 5 kids without taking nothing 😳 if she doesn’t fight for herself who will 😩. God will console her family and be with her kids”

Essentialssylvia wrote, “Dr kemi sorry to say since the death of this woman your point since you have been talking I don’t really know where or what u are trying to say like are u saying that mrs bimbo deserves to die or ivd did the right thing by killing his wife or so, I don’t understand. weather they are legally or in-legally married that’s the not d main point nw pls….. let’s ivd face the judgment so that she can Rest In Peace because at this moment I don’t really know what point your are trying to make I don’t get it….either bimbo is this den bimbo is that….. the point is if truly ivd killed that woman let him face the judgment….. not this one’s we are talking this and that as if that’s d main solution right nw….. sometimes we see and knows d truth but yet we try to cover it up because of what….. nw that u are saying she’s not legally married that means ivd is innocent he should be free I guess. May God really have mercy on us all…. Please stop saying things that’s truth, let the family of d disease find justice for their dead child so that she can Rest In Peace”

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