See The Oldest Woman In The World, Who Can Still Walk Freely

The oldest lady in the world is Johanna Mazibuko, a South African who is 128 years old. There have been repeated requests for the Centenarian to be listed in the Guinness Book of World Records since her birthday, May 11, fell on that day, praizemedia report.

On May 11, 1894, Johanna Mazibuko was conceived. She was raised in Ottosdal, an agricultural region, on a corn farm. Even though she couldn’t read or write, she told the local news source News24, “We lived so well on the farms. Because of her advanced age, Johan Mazibuko is unable to recall all of her past experiences. She recalled being married to an older man whose wife had passed away, as she explained to a local outlet. He went by the moniker Stawana Mazibuko. He was a self-reliant individual. He owned cows and a horse-drawn waggon. I would prepare butter to sell and milk the animals. I was treated really nicely by that man, and he helped me forget about everything else. I never lacked anything.expressed Johanna Mazibuko. In her lifetime, she gave birth to seven children, two of whom are still living.

It’s safe to say Johanna had a successful marriage and family. She worked diligently and satisfactorily as a domestic for farm owners for the majority of her life. She has 50 grandchildren and great-grandchildren, and she is a proud grandmother.

The South African native, who experienced apartheid, said she will never forget casting a ballot in the country’s first democratic elections in 1994. Nelson Mandela was my hero. He let us exercise self-control. She shared her memories of the South African revolutionary with News 24. “He got us houses and demanded the government give us pensions,” she said.Mama Mazibuko is currently having trouble hearing, although she can still see. She can still get around her house with the use of a frame. “My body feels rigid. I have a childlike gait when I walk. I simply observe from my window as people move about the streets, wishing I were one of them.Thandiwe Wesinyana has been Johanna’s caretaker since 2001. I have trouble falling asleep when I’m not next to her, Thandiwe Wesinyana claimed. She’ll also say she couldn’t sleep when I get back. She claims that all she does is sit at the window and watch the gate, wondering when I would return.


Mazibuko attributes her good health to using wild spinach and fresh milk. She consumed locust as well. “I eat contemporary stuff now. Although I am used to it, I do miss the meals I ate as a child, she admitted.

Johanna Mazibuko is unsure of why she has grown older than generations and reached this extreme age. She asks that “they must butcher a cow for her and bury her well so that she would never disturb anyone” when she passes away.

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