See How Nigerian Mum Sets Trap for Teachers Eating Her Son’s Food in School, Says Her Child Doesn’t Eat Much at Home

Nigerian mother identified as @Dcounty93 on Twitter has accused her child’s teachers of eating his food, praizemedia report.

The woman said she always suspected that someone was eating the food of her two-year-old son whom she usually sends to school with a big flask.Knowing that her son doesn’t eat unripe plantain, she packaged it for him in a flash and sent him to school. Surprisingly, he still came home with an empty flask.


He wrote ; “I packaged boiled unripe plantain and egg/vegetable sauce! Knowing fully well my son hates unripe plantain. Lo and behold brethren he came back with an empty Flask.
“So it was actually a test, because his flask is kind of big and for a 2-year-old he canโ€™t eat that much in a sitting. I knew something wasnโ€™t right! At least some should come back home. I had to risk it for a day with that dish! Anyways I got my answer. That was when I knew his teachers are eating good!”.

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