Actress Mercy Aigbe is ‘unbothered’ despite her mother’s homelessness following witchcraft allegations from her sister

Popular Nollywood actress, Mercy Aigbe has continued her normal social media activities hours after her mother’s home was set ablaze over witchcraft allegations, praizemedia report.

Pm earlier reported that Mercy Aigbe’s older sister, Dr. Patience, took drastic measures to vent her resentment toward her mother by setting her home on fire.

Their quarrel stems from Dr. Patience’s assertion that their mother is a witch and her use of her witchcraft activity against her in favor of her other beloved daughter, Mercy.

She added that the old woman refused to help her pay back a N800,000 loan that she had borrowed and was required to refund.

According to rumors, Dr. Pat set fire to the residence on Adebayo Mokuolu Street in Lagos, which is directly across from Anthony Village Recreation Center. The house was totally demolished and nothing could be rescued.

Currently, Mercy’s mother has no place to return to because the house was completely demolished.


Residents had been awakened earlier on Friday, September 30, by Dr. Pat’s commotion and screaming as she went on the rampage and wrecked her mother’s automobile.

Her mother, who suffers from arthritis, stayed inside while her enraged daughter tore up her car while cursing at her mother.

Since the news went viral, Mercy Aigbe has continued her social media show girl life like nothing serious happened. Her last two posts after the incident were her showing off her beauty and luxury food cum lifestyle.

“Bangs! Oh Bangs” Mercy Aigbe tagged one of the posts.

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