“I Did that Because….” – Pretty Mike addresses his controversial appearance With Ladies wearing Pen!s Pant at Don Jazzy’s mother’s funeral

Socialite and entrepreneur Pretty Mike has explained why he made an epic statement at Don Jazzy’s mother’s funeral, praizemedia report.

Pm reported that the controversial socialite caused a stir online with his dramatic entrance to Don Jazzy’s event.

Shedding more light on why he made his female escorts wear penis-pants, Pretty Mike stated that the world is changing.

The socialite believes that people shouldn’t be favored because of what’s in between their legs. Rather they should be given equal opportunity because we are all capable in different fields regardless.


The world is changing, in my opinion u shouldn’t be favored because of what’s in between ur legs, everyone should be given equal opportunity, because we all are capable in different fields regardless of gender”, He wrote.

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