“My Daughter Want Snatch My Husband oo, She Is Now My Husband’s Side Chick” – Funny Mum Shares Video of Her Husband and Her Little Girl (VIDEO)

A mother has jokingly called out her little daughter for overtaking her position as her husband’s first love, praizemedia report.

The funny mother lamented that she always wanted a male child so nobody can take her place in her husband’s heart.However, she gave birth to a beautiful girl and her fears came to reality as her husband became fond of his baby girl.

Several videos spotted on the mother’s TikTok account @nushy_hills show the doting father and his daughter gushing over each other.Sharing one of the videos via TikTok, the jealous mum said:

This is one of the reasons I wanted a boy because I didn’t want to share my man with anyone else. Now see. She is now the SIDE CHICK, she has totally taken over.”


Netizens share their thoughts ;

@halimah2567 said:

“That smile she gave at the first kiss what was she trying to prove, people should know their limits or else she will find her own house.”
@user7202003721731 stated:

“So you want to have two husbands but you don’t want him to have a second wife abi.”
@tejumolaomootusan reacted:

“Dad’s love. May almighty GOD keeps blessing all the best dad out der. U dame cute my damsel.”
@ifecotest added:

“Come let’s cry together because me like dis I have given up. My daughter will tell me mom please privacy I want to talk to sweet( dad).”


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