“Can You Quit Your Job Because Of this” – Reactions As Man asks wife who’s earning Twice his salary to quit her job because He’s the Head of the house

A man has accused his wife of breaching an agreement they had for her to not take up any work which pays more than his own job, praizemedia report.

He tok to social media to narrate the arrangement they had whie lamenting over what he termed a taboo.

According to the man, she was a housewife who desired going back to school to further her studies, so he agreed and funded her education on the condition that she must never earn more than him.When she was done with school, she got a good job and in a space of two years, she was promoted at work, which meant her salary saw a considerable increase.

However, after his wife completed her education, she got a job and was promoted twice, and began earning twice his salary.

He cried out that she now earns double his salary and he had asked her to quit the job because it was a taboo, but she refused.

The man sought advise from social media via an online counselor, as he noted that he feels disrespected.

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In his words; “Hi Auntie Momoza. Please hide me. My wife was a housewife and we were very happy in this house. She told me she was bored and wanted to further her studies. I told her I was willing to pay for her studies on condition that she won’t find a work that pays her more than me. We agreed and she did her diploma. She found a job afterwards and I was okay with it because I was earning more than her. She joined another company and within 2 years she got promoted twice.

Now she earns double my salary. I told her to quit and she’s refusing. You see, as head of the family, it’s a taboo for a woman to earn more than me. It is very disrespectful. I feel betrayed because I invested in her education because she agreed to my conditions. Am I being unreasonable for expecting my wife to be a wife? There’s no way she’ll respect me when she earns double my salary. She must either quit or look for a junior position.”

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