“What Those Muslim Student Did is not Islam” – Actor Ibrahim Chatta blows hot over a female student burnt to death by Muslims in Sokoto

Muslim faithful and actor Ibrahim Chatta has condemned the gruesome murder of Deborah Samuel, who was burnt alive in Sokoto over an alleged blasphemous statement against the Islam Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W), PraizeMedia report.

Reacting to it actor Ibrahim Chatta wrote “This is not true Islam, killing and burning for hate speech is nothing close to Islamic laws. You all should be careful out there. Don’t be inhumane by defending the religion you know less about.”

He further cited at least six recorded times the Holy Prophet of Islam (PBHM) rose above insults.

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He wrote ;

On that Sokoto murd*r –
There are at least six recorded times the Holy Prophet of Islam (PBHM) rose above insults. I won’t waste your time with all six, but I will mention three:

Arwa bint Harb (also known as Um Jameel, the wife of Abu Lahab) would follow the Prophet (PBUH) around to hurt and humiliate him and used to taunt him, saying “ we have denied, and his religion we have loathed, and his command we have defied”. Instead of responding to her, the Prophet (PBUH) would simplysay to his companions, “Don’t you see how Allah diverts from me the curses and insults of Quraysh? They insult Mudhammam, and they curse Mudhammam, while I am Muhammad (the Praised One)!” He defused the situation.

On one occasion, the Prophet (PBUH) silently smiled when Abu Bakr (RA), his most noble companion, refrained from responding to a person who was insulting him. But when Abu Bakr eventually spoke up, the Prophet (PBUH) became angry and left.
Abu Bakr followed after the Prophet and said: “Messenger of Allah! He insulted me and you just sat there. Then when I responded to some of what he said, you became angry and got up.” The Prophet said: “There was an angel with you who was responding to his insults on your behalf.”
Then the Prophet said: “Abu Bakr, (keep in mind) three things which are always true, one of which is that whenever a person is subjected to an injustice but leaves the matter to Allah, then Allah will come to his aid.” (Musnad Ahmad).

Anas (RA) said, “I was walking with the Messenger of Allah(PBUH), and he was wearing a Najrâni cloak with a rough collar. A Bedouin man caught up with him, then violently pulled him by his cloak, causing the cloak to tear, and leaving its collar [hanging] on the neck of Allah’s Messenger (PBUH). I looked at the Messenger of Allah’s neck, and the cloak’s collar had left marks from how roughly he had snatched [it]. Then, he said, ‘O Muhammad, order [them] that I be given from the wealth of Allah that you have!’ The Messenger of Allah (PBUH) turned to him, smiled, and then ordered that he be given something.” (reference: Riyad as-Salihin 644)Blame the perpetrators not Muslims & Islam.Wallahu a’lam.

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