2nd Degree Burn survivor shows off her amazing transformation as skin heals without blemish, Reveals Her Home Made Remedies

The before and after photos of a burn survivor barely six months apart have left social media users in awe, PraizeMedia report.

The Twitter user identified as @Shuribby on the micro-blogging platform was involved in a fire incident on November 2, 2021, and suffered 2nd degree burns. She shared side-by-side photos of her face after the incident and her present look to show how much her skin has improved.

See Photos and Video below 👇

She suffered severe burns to her face, neck, and shoulders in November 2021, and in the most recent photo, taken on May 2nd, her skin has returned to normal.

When tweeps asked if she underwent corrective surgery, she disclosed that she didn’t go under the knife and used honey, aloe vera, and other skin care products to restore her skin.

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