“Why are Your B00bs Not Standing??” – DJ Cuppy React As Her Mother ‘Rearranges’ Her Full Chest (Video)

DJ Cuppy’s mum Nana Otedola recently visited the singer and she could not help but let the Nigerian mother in her jump out, PraizeMedia report.

Cuppy wore a beautiful flowery dress and in the video on her Instagram story channel, Nana was seen raising her daughter’s boobs while telling her how they should appear.

Watch the Video below 👇

A very funny Irish accent, Cuppy lamented that her mum isn’t happy with her boobs and then proceeded to tell Nana that they an’t sit the way she wants.

Nigerians react to Cuppy’s video

“. Cuppy is just a vibe. It’s the Irish accent for me. “

“Omgggg but this is so cute tho”

“They’ll never understand why we don’t like bras”

“It’s the Irish accent for me.”

“Her momay is so pretty!”

“Maome is no’ happy wif d buuuooooobbbss.”

“My boob don’t sit that way for me rolling wahala o wa po bayi “

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