“They are Many” – Lady Cries Out As She Reveals What She Caught Her Engaged Female Friend Doing With A Dog (Video)

Nigerian lady in shocked has narrated about how she caught her female best friend who’s engaged, having an intimate moment with a dog in her house, PraizeMedia report.

Sharing her story to Chief Obi, she said,

My best friend got this dog last year. And she is so attached to this dog. We will go for an expensive dinner and she will not go if we have not bought take away for that dog.

One day I went to her house. We now gisted watched movies. Then I left. I was driving for some minutes and discovered that I forgot my wallet in her house.

Watch the video below 👇👇

I decided to go back. When I got to her house, something just told me to try the door. I went upstairs. And when I got there ehh, what I saw. The dog was licking her up. Her boy friend called me weeks ago and we were doing ring shopping for this my friend. I don’t know what to do”, she added

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