“Why Will an Alfa Pray for a Ritualist Like Alaafin Dead Body, It shall Not Be Well With You All, Alaafin is Going to Hell” – Abroad Based Muslim Cleric Drags Alaafin of Oyo in the Grave, Curse Muslim Leaders That Prays On His Dead body (Video)

An unknown Muslim cleric popularly known as Shitu has drag alafin of Oyo in the grave, calls him a ritualist and idol worshipper and also place curse on muslim leaders that prays on his dead body, PraizeMedia report.

According to viral video that was posted online by a popular blogger, the man who speaks in Yoruba balst Alaafin of Oyo, says he’s an idol worshipper and no Muslim clerics should have go there to pray on his dead body.

Watch the video below 👇

However the viral video of this man has gathered alot of attention from netizens online. Some support him on what he’s saying while some didn’t.


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