“She’s a Low-key P0*rn Star Under Her Parent Nose, But they Are Busy Blaming the School” – Blogger Reveals More Shocking Photos and Videos of Chrisland School Girl (Video)

A small girl claimed to be 10year old have been causing a whole lot of commotion after her s3x video with one of her school mate exposed online, PraizeMedia report.

Meanwhile her mother come out to blame and Sue the school for trying to cover up the whole matter. But according to the video and report, they small girl was involved in a truth or dare game which led her to the s3x scene. According to the video she was not forced neither a case of rape was involved, she willingly show off her skillful s3x drama on $3x mate.

See Photos and Video below 👇

Meanwhile a popular blogger has revealed more of her photos online insisting the lady is more than 10year old.

They wrote ; Hello Tueh Tueh,who talk say this girl de 10years? Nigerians question, as pictures and videos of the chrisland girl saga surfaces ..if you re not on telegram u are missing everything..link on my bio to join.


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