“My Twin sister Osinachi’s husband is responsible for her D£ath” – Gospel Singer Osinachi Nwachukwu’s twin sister makes heartbreaking revelation (Video)

Twin sister of late famous singer Osinachi has made a heart breaking revelation of about her twins sister relationship with her husband, PraizeMedia report.

In her words, she said ; My Twin sister Osinachi’s husband is responsible for her D**th, He pretended to be a Good man then after he married her He showed his true colors, and Completely Cut her off from us her family, he is a jobless man and he maltreats her, takes all her money and he even banned our mother from visiting her for Omugwo, and he b**ts her at any slight provocation, My sister did not have any cancer or sickness, he forcefully collected her YouTube logins from her on her dying bed and spat on her” .

Watch the video below 👇

Recalls, the man in question, Osinachi husband has been arrested by the police and has been interogated.

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