Veteran Actress Joke Silva and Olu Jacob’s son’s marriage crashes after 3 years (Video)

Blessing Boma Douglas, the daughter in law of veterans, Olu Jacobs and Joke Silva have opened up on her crashed marriage, PraizeMedia report.

The mental health advocate who got married to the actors’ son, Olusoji Jacobs in July, 2018 have called their 3 years union quit.

Blessing Boma Douglas made this known during a question and answer session with her fans where she stated that her marriage is irreconcilable and can’t be repaired.

While engaging with her fans, a fan had inquired if she was still married and she shocked many when she said her marriage as hit the rock.

When another fan asked if her marriage can be repaired, she stated that what God can’t do doesn’t exist however they are not ready to patch things up.

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Question : “Are you still married go your husband?”

Answer : No oya make una rest.

Question : Are you still married? my bro who stays in the UK is madly in love with you

Answer : No. He will have to Register for interview o.

Question : Can your marriage still be restored?

Answer : What God cannot do doesn’t not exist. However, there are some things that we don’t want God to do. You get it? If not, forget about it.

“A girl just want for make money and live the soft life. We are good on this side. Love and light”.

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