“The Groom Na Deeper Life Member??” – Reactions As Groom cleans off bride’s makeup at the altar, orders her fixed nails be removed [Watch video]

A groom who dislikes the idea of his woman having beauty enhancements has created a dramatic scene during his church wedding, PraizeMedia report.

The man used a cloth to wipe off his wife-to-be’s makeup with aggression just as they were about to exchange vows at the altar.As though he was not comfortable with the bride’s entire appearance, he also directed one of the bridesmaid to remove the nails she fixed for their wedding.The pastor officiating their wedding seemed to be lost as he could not do anything to intervene.

Watch the video below 👇

His best man and other attendees at the wedding were rendered speechless by his action as they watched on in silence while he cleaned off the whole makeup on her face.

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