“I Am Tired,I’m completely heartbroken and drained’ -Newly Married Actress Mercy Aigbe cries out (Video)

Nollywood actress Mercy Aigbe has taken to social media to lament the current insecurity situation in the country following the attack on a train and airport, PraizeMedia report.

In a lengthy post shared on her Instagram page, Mercy Aigbe said she woke up with a heavy heart, completely heartbroken and drained.

Mercy Aigbe said the country is exhausting and questioned when God would answer the prayers of the masses and flush out the evil leaders.

Speaking on the death of Dr Chinelo, Mercy Aigbe said people hide behind their keypads and unleash venom without empathy or love.

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She wrote: I woke up with an heavy heart, completely heartbroken…. i am so drained… God this country is exhausting… When exactly will God answer our prayers and flush out these evil leaders????

Seeing the replies to Dr Chinelo’s tweet further broke me… has it degenerated to this? Where is the love??? No empathy whatsoever… people just hide behind their key pads and are quick to unleash venom …. how did we get here???

I know we have horrible leaders but truth is as a people, we can do better.. it doesn’t cost a thing to show love, you dont know the actual situations people are in, dont be too quick to judge most especially when you are not privy to events, situations, Dr Chinelo only asked for prayers, yet she was mocked, bullied, attacked, cursed .

With sadness in my heart i say R.I.P to another promising, young Nigerian, whose life was cut short because of this horrible system.. R.I.P to those who lost their lives, Nigeria failed you .

As a people we can do better, cos we are all we’ve

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