“This Is What I do to my husband whenever he refuses to give me money” – Actress Regina Daniels Reveals Shocking Secret (Video)

Regina Daniels has revealed how she handles her husband whenever he refuses to give her money, PraizeMedia report.

Regina Daniels was reacting to a hilarious viral conversation between a wife and husband who claimed not to have money at the moment.

The wife had asked her husband for twenty thousand Naira in the conversation, and he said he didn’t have much money.

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Responding, the wife opted to borrow the money from herself, and the husband would pay whenever he had the money.

Sharing the viral post on her Instagram story, Regina Daniels opined that this is exactly what she can do to her husband.

She wrote: Exactly what I can do to.

Wife: I need 20k.

Husband: I don’t have it now.

Wife: should I borrow from myself when you have

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