“Finally, I Achieved My Aim, Congratulations To Me” – Business woman and Mother of 3 kids, finally graduates after 12 Years (Video)

Popular Entrepreneur, Glee, has taken to her social media page to celebrate with her teeming fans as she announced her graduation after many years, PraizeMedia report.

The Mother-of-three shared amazing photos in which she donned the official uniform of serving corps members and stated that she left the house for the university 12 years ago and now she can finally call herself a graduate.

See Photos and Video below 👇

Read what she wrote below ;

It’s been 12 years I left home for the university lol (2010) , No I didn’t study medicine nor pharmacy 😀… growing up I always thought my dreams will just begin the very day I wear this outfit😀.

Long post alert 🚨…. did my pre degree in 2010 and got fully in 2011 (my 100L year ) … that first year was when I had nothing else in my head aside being a student😂.. 2nd year 200l I started business in school selling to my hostel
Mates and all … boom we went on strike , strike got called off !.. it went on & on like that … business was progressing fast forward to my 400L I was to go on IT & as God will have it I had my first store in Lagos 😁 during this IT ..i had time to focus on business ,boom another strike before resumption .IT days became 9 months .. before I could say jack pregnancy manifested 🤦🏼‍♀️., got my first car 🚗 baby girl lifestyle got activated lol .. school resumed , planned my wedding before bump started to show 😅.. had my wedding, got back to school with an obvious bump 🤰 …boom we went on another strike 🤦🏼‍♀️ ,.. till I put to bed we were on strike ! I was living and growing 🙏…. school resumed again , went with my first daughter zeena.. I started shuffling between Lagos and Oyo (school ) I OPENED MY SECOND STORE in Lagos 🙏.. .

🚨pregnancy manifested again when my baby was exactly 7 months 🤦🏼‍♀️ luckily we were on strike again 😅 I was heavy , we resumed and we had exams , I was the cutest & freshest preggy 😜(this was supposed to be my final year 2018) fast forward to another strike , I had my son Bubu.

And my first HOUSE 🤱🏻 🏡 … hehehe.. we set a date for house warming and all my family & celebrity friends were ready to turn up plus many ppl already bought asoebi that’s how strike was called off and I had exams Friday & Monday 🙆🏽‍♂️ .. my husband got on the wheel and about to drive me to oyo ! Don’t worry we will make it & start driving back immediately after the exam , we party on Saturday and you get back on Sunday haa 🙆🏽‍♂️.. we were ready , got on the road & everywhere was blocked ! When my fam heard they were all like You can’t be traveling like this when you have an upcoming function, and now road block cos of accidents! Please God is telling us something , I took the decision of an extra year for my first house warming and son’s dedication!! It was a good bargain for me lol cos I was not planning to work after school as I already had a path !! ….. so extra year was already certain !! … and strikes !!

Pregnancy number 3 manifested 😁😁 my husband is a sharp shooter I know right 🤔…. strike again ! This time I had to go abroad to have my baby and since our strike is always lengthy I said I will do this one 😅, ,
That’s how I was on the train from LONDON- BIRMINGHAM and I got the message strike has been called off and I have exams in 2 weeks haaa !! Haaa !! 😅… I had to tell myself another extra year loading 🤦🏼‍♀️ because I cannot go back I really don’t need this anyway 😂

It was stressful for me especially during my clearance after many years 😅.. but I had to do it , none of my family even asked me to graduate anymore cos I was already well doing lol , I wrapped this up for my kids to motivate them ! ..no matter what they have ,EDUCATION is key 🔑….

Above all , I did this for my father who sent me to the Uni as a young girl and I ended up being a family woman 😅 for the tuition fee for years , and weekly allowance,

….🚨I did this for my husband cos he drove me to Lautech more than 30 times 😀..
…I did this because money isn’t everything and without education ,I might not be where I am today ….! I actually met my husband cos I was a student of LAUTECH ,started business in school, !!… Finally, I graduated 🙌🏼..I did this when no one was watching … CERTIFIED B.TECH in food science & engineering …it doesn’t matter who did it first , but I did it anyway 🙅🏼‍♀️…i did it in grand style , I did it as a boss , I did it as a wife , I did it as a mum , I did it as a CEO of multiple companies 🙌🏼……Above all , I did it as a mum of 3 🙅🏼‍♀️… congratulations to me , I didn’t give up!!
Ps; I knew the gist then when I was getting known .. she didn’t finish yet she’s always on Instagram, she’s dropped out yen yen yen …hello!!! I finally did it 😀
#lagoscopper #mummygleeisagoal

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