“Why Will you Announce My Death When Am Alive, You will not live past the next 7 days, you’ve got the wrong guy” – Actor, Kanayo O. Kanayo curses person who spread rumours about his death (video)

Veteran Nigerian actor, Kanayo O. Kanayo, has laid a curse on whomever started peddling rumors that he was dead, PraizeMedia report.

In a video shared via his verified Instagram page, the thespian revealed that someone had shared his photos, written “RIP” on them, and then posted them online, leading many to fear he was dead.

Kanayo, who wondered why some people have formed the habit of wishing misfortune upon actors and entertainers, without caring that they have a life and a family too, declared that whatever the troll had wished for him would befall him in the next seven days.

Watch the Video below 👇

A furious Kanayo stated that the person who started the rumor “Will not live past the next 7 days.

“You think because you have access to the social media, you can publish ANYTHING. Adieu to you”, he added.

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