“Haa !!! So Alhaja Sef Dey Kerewa” – Nigerians React as Muslim Radio Presenter, Alhaja Kaola’s S£xtape, Giving Her Ex Bl0wj0b leaks online (!8+ Video)

Nigerian radio presenter, Alhaja Kafilat Rufai better known as Kaola presently is in a mess as her sex tape leaks online, PraizeMedia report.

The Alhaja is the founder of Kaola Communications and Kaola travel and also a radio presenter on Fresh FM.

The OAP who presents an Islamic programme on the popular Ibadan radio station had her image soiled when a video of her giving an unidentified man a blow job surfaced online.

The media personality who confirmed that she is the one in the video, accused her ex husband of being behind the leak.

She alleged that her ex husband had threatened to release nude photos and videos of her to the public.

Nigerians are having a field day reacting to the news.

See Photos and Watch The Video below 👇

excellwithtime : My take is no matter how sweet the love is, resist and refuse the urge go turn that camera on in the bedroom. A person who is all loving and sweet today can become bitter and a monstrous enemy tomorrow. This has been happening. We should all learn from other people’s experiences. Once the person you are involved with turns on the camera, get dressed.

mohat_prints_limited : Subunalahi This is really sad. She’s an adult and a grown woman at that, the guy should be arrested. What a blackmail!!??

bdel9 : So this has become normal right? Leaking videos you made with someone just go spite them? Smh.

big.cassava : No matter what happened between you and your ex don’t leak such tape. She should sue him for damages.

bakateyetty : Am enemy that plans to destroy you can take years to make it happen…. imagine going extra mile go marry her just to get her nude pictures and a sec tape May His deliver us from Evil”.

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