“He beat me till I lost my first pregnancy, He’s a Chronic Womanizer” – Ibrahim Chatta’s ex-wife, Olayinka Solomon Reveals (Video)

According to Nollywood actress Olayinka Solomon, while granting an interview she said ; We met in 2007, PraizeMedia report. We started living together right from 2008, he was my first love. I have never dated any other guy in my life. He dis-flowered me, that made me submit my self to him, hoping that when ever he has money we can do introduction and other things.

He was a womanizer, a gold digger, he collected all the money in my Account before my eyes was opened. When he saw that I didn’t have money again, he started misbehaving, bringing women into the house.

I had my first pregnancy in 2007, but due to constant beating, I lost the pregnancy. I had another one in 2008 and gave birth Feb 2009.

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“Thank God I have a mother if not I would have been suffering. 3 months after the naming of my baby, he brought his girlfriend into the house. I cooked for them and slept in the guest room. People can testify to it.

He told me he was sorry that the lady would only spend the weekend in the house and I agreed.

But a week passed and she didn’t go, when asked him he started beating me, that was how I left his house the first time.

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