What i said about Korra Obidi being a chronic cheat are inaccurate, she only cheated in the beginning of the relationship. Every other thing I said is true” – Dancer Korra Obidi’s Husband Justin Dean Apologize to the Public (video)

Justin Dean has publicly clarified the situation involving his marriage to Korra Obidi and his kids’ paternity, PraizeMedia report.

The doctor, who shares two kids with dancer Korra Obidi, had said he was divorcing his wife because he is tired of the “narcissism, cheating, and lack of accountability”.

In his words ;

I am tired of the narcissism, cheating and lack of accountability, I have been trying since 2018 to save our marriage and if I don’t do exactly what she says she divorces me.

In a new video, Justin has averred that the comments he made about his estranged wife being a “chronic cheat” were inaccurate.

He went on to apologise for the comment.

He disclosed that she only cheated once at the start of their relationship and he forgave her and they moved past it.

Watch the video below 👇

He wrote on Instagram ;

This is my apology to the Obidi family about the chronic cheating claims.

June and Athena are my children and I love them. I will be there for them everyday even if I’m not married to Korra.

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